i am demisexual meaning i am only attracted to those born of gods or who are themselves a diety. move out of the way assholes, i’m gonna fuck zeus


Rapunzel movie called  “Wrangled” in which Rapunzel is a cowgirl and owns a ranch, she uses her long hair as a lasso to catch bandits and stray bulls

there is no plot that’s all she does


mark, my words. *mark brings me my dictionary* thank you mark


i wanna be haunted 
i wanna be loved 
i want a lot of friends and 
a lot of drugs 
i wanna be haunted 
i won’t leave my bed 
i won’t go crazy and 
i won’t get sad 
so haunt me haunt me haunt me


did anyone else have trouble waterbending last night?

Slowdive | Dagger

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